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Our Story

RealeHorn is a family run business in a Small Town of UP- UK border in India. It all started with the development of brass market and horn / bone craft in this area, We were supplying to exporters based in Delhi and Sometimes to International wholesale Importers. To be honest initially we did not even know the names & utility of products that we are making. But some of our International Clients were kind enough to teach us and show us the real use of drinking horns, taknards and many other products. They Identified our skills and help us launch our product as a brand in the international markets. Today we are one of the most Trusted and Reliable wholesale manufacturer and bulk supplier of drinking horns, real horn mugs tankard, shot glass , THOR & LOTR like drinking vessels in medieval vikings theme.

This Journey to become one of the most trusted and reliable supplier of real 100%  genuine and authentic Horn mugs & various other craft items like Shoe horns, real horn Combs, real horn shaving Bowls, Gua Sha Massage tools , Bangels & Steampunk jewelry has not been a easy ride. There has been years of hard work , dedication, and willingness to learn that make us today the most over booked supplier when it comes to the season. We are direct supplier for a lot of Top sellers on Amazon & Ebay. We pack , label, & ship these viking drinking horns directly to the clients FBA warehouse or the the store address via express shipping service of DHL / FEDEX / USPS

Throughout the journey We learnt and Cherish our Honesty and Delivery on Commitments the Most. We have learnt and continue to strive the importance of timely delivery of our orders. We understand that the consumer of drinking horn & mugs mostly have a occassion date linked and if the order do not reach on time it just spoildsthe whole purpose. This is the reason we started offering direct to consumer offers now through this webstore where you can order personalized viking drinking horns with your custom text / logo engraved on the drinking horn , mug, tankard. Its perfect way to celebrate your wedding, anniversary, birthday , Christmas, thanks giving or just a success graduation celebration party. 

If you are looking for any item made in Horn/ Bone craft and do not find it listed here sendus a message and we will create it for you.  Kindly note we do not sell or advertise client specific designs or products directly to the customer. We maintain exclusivity so you gain manximum from your order,

Will add more of our experiences in the journey to become the most trusted and realiable manufacturer of drinking horns from our region.

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